Nano Ceramic IRP Series

Manufactured with advanced nanotechnology,  IRP is in a class of its own when it comes to maximizing your driving experience and comfort. Thanks to the advanced infrared heat blocking properties of  IRP you'll enjoy significant reduction in the total solar heat energy coming through your windows. This remarkable, state-of-the-art film is colorless, preserving the overall appearance of your car and most importantly you view of the road. 

And because IRP blocks over 99.9% of damaging and harmful ultraviolet light, you're helping to protect your car's beautifull interior from fading and yourself and passengers from premature skin aging. Ensure yourself a clear, ultra performing film that last a lifetime - guaranteed.!

Features & Benefits
  • Unmatched combination of high heat rejection and high visible light transmision
  • Maintains factory glass appearance
  • Satellite, GPS, TPMS * & cellular friendly
  • Nationwide lifetime warranty
* Tire Pressure Monitoring System

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